Integrative Healing Arts in the Heart of Santa Fe

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Blue Lotus Integrative Healing Arts is a collaborative health and wellness practice led by Chiropractor Dr. Joshua Sinberg.  Their experienced team of therapists is dedicated to providing outstanding complimentary and holistic therapies to the residents of Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. 

Chiropractic, Therapeutic Massage, and Acupuncture are incredibly helpful when done individually, but have a much more beneficial effect when patients combine these 3 modalities together.  Manual therapies are being recognized more and more by the public as well as by the medical community for pain relief.  There is a paradigm shift occurring in our society away from the over-reliance on pharmaceutical drugs and more towards complimentary therapies.  We take pride in giving our patients proper diagnosis, sensible treatment approaches, and getting great results by working together. 

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In our office we treat a variety of patients from across the medical spectrum who seek a better quality of life.  We will work in tandem with your primary care physicians, surgeons, and other specialists to help YOU get better.  We believe that healthy lifestyle choices and chronic disease prevention are the foundations of good health and natural treatments should be utilized whenever possible.