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George Swansea, LMT

My specialty is a blend of myofascial/neuromuscular techniques within a thoroughly engaging, intensely relaxing, remarkably pain-free deep tissue massage. I offer you over 16 years of focused injury treatment experience to help provide you with lasting pain relief.

Before becoming a massage therapist, I was a psychiatric treatment counselor, working “front line” with both children and adults in a variety of therapeutic settings; some milieus were incredibly intense, some were strikingly beautiful, like the Colorado Rockies as a back-country wilderness instructor. Those ten years, and life changing two-year stint as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malawi, Africa, have really grounded me. So, what I bring to the massage table is years of therapeutic listening and compassion and the ability to be present.  

I know and love and continue to study human anatomy and have been focusing on providing injury recovery and pain relief through massage since the very beginning. I look forward to helping you to become pain free.

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Kathleen Campbell, DOM, Dipl.Ac

Dr. Campbell has over twenty years experience as a holistic healthcare practitioner. She specializes in Japanese-style acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and body work.

Dr. Campbell is licensed by the National Certification Board in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine plus Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. A graduate of the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, NM and the Swedish Institute of Massage in New York, Dr. Campbell has also spent hundreds of hours in seminars and workshops perfecting her skills and learning innovative treatment techniques.

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Julie Strassburger

NM LMT #006, CLT (Certified Lymphedema Therapist)

Julie’s bodywork is gentle yet penetrating. It can deeply affect the body without using great force or creating pain. By focusing her touch on the fluid portion of your body, you can ‘float’ into a more relaxed and balanced state.

 She loves working with kids and adults of all ages. Giving you, the client, tools such as exercises, at-home activity or resources is an important part of her sessions.  Some of her more frequent techniques are lymph drainage, cranial and visceral work, fascial release and acupressure.

 Julie came to Santa Fe 3 decades ago to attend the NM Academy of Healing Arts. She has continued her education ever since, and is now a certified lymphedema therapist. This important work addresses lymphedema,  of a condition of chronic swelling often caused as a result of cancer treatments. MLD is also great for any type of swelling, congestion, stagnation or stuffiness.

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Kathrin Meyer

Working holistically with the chiropractic and acupuncture team at Blue Lotus, Kathrin’s practice focuses on healing and positive progress for individuals who are recovering from physical injury.

 Kathrin works to relieve painful conditions by using therapeutic massage techniques that have been refined through years of experience. She encourages awareness of patterns, stresses and environmental settings that can cause or contribute to pain so that clients can actively participate in the management of their health.

 Her expertise includes deep tissue massage and myofascial release techniques to address acute and chronic pain, shoulder and neck conditions, and TMJ imbalances. Through the use of structural assessments, she helps clients to improve their posture, range of motion and natural alignment. She is also an experienced pregnancy massage practitioner and encourages an upbeat attitude towards healthy aging.

 As a licensed Massage Therapist and Holistic Health Practitioner with over 10 years of practical experience, Kathrin works with each client to meet their health and wellness goals in a caring, effective and respectful way.


Steve Lynch, LMT, AAS/Holistic Health, CTE, Trainer

Steve is a highly skilled therapist with well over 50,000 hours of Orthopedic, Spa and Sports Massage experience! Not only has he worked for 19 years as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and Energy Worker, more recently, he was also the Interim Director of the Massage Therapy Program at Trinidad State Junior College, in Co.

      Steve also has 2 years as a Chiropractor’s Rehab Specialist and almost 25 years as a top level Personal Trainer! With an eye towards perfection and a true love for people, he presents a masterful blend of everything that is great about Bodywork.


Vince Milosevich

Vince Milosevich is a Rolfer® and LMT living in Santa Fe by way of Texas and New York. His interest in bodywork therapy began in 2014 after suffering for years from chronic neck and shoulder pain despite the best efforts of physical therapists and orthopedic doctors.  Surgery was recommended despite not knowing the exact cause of the pain, but on the recommendation of a friend Vince tried Rolfing Structural Integration as a last-ditch effort and it changed his life. Now pain free, without the need of surgery, Vince decided to pursue his Rolfing and massage therapy certifications to help others break free from the prison of chronic pain and hopefully avoid unnecessary surgery as well.

Vince’s treatments use the latest advances in holistic pain science and myofascial technique. Unlike a typical massage or physical therapy treatment, where the symptom or manifestation of pain is often focused on rather than the “dis-ease” or origin, Vince works with the entire myofascial system to “unwind” the body from the point(s) of strain. Additionally, he provides his clients with practical education tools to treat themselves and form better daily habits which leads to longer lasting and, if maintained, permanent results. Vince’s ultimate goal as a therapist is to help facilitate his clients’ healing to the point they no longer need his services and refer their friends to him instead!