Back pain is now considered the leading cause of disability worldwide. Some researchers state that back pain will affect over eighty percent of the population at some point in their lives.  One hundred percent of the human population will show signs of degenerative spinal arthritis by age 60.  However, many patients begin developing back pain issues much earlier in life.    There are numerous reasons and medical diagnoses that give people back pain and there are many options for those impacted to seek relief.  Chiropractic manipulation of the spine and extremities is should be considered the front line of defense for most forms of back pain.  Back pain can be extraordinarily challenging to treat or it can be very simple.  Patients are encouraged to begin their search for back pain relief with non-invasive, safe, non-pharmaceutical approaches first.  Chiropractic care seeks to address the cause of back pain and not just the symptoms.  Fundamental to the health of the human spine is motion and that’s what chiropractic care is all about! 

Dr. Sinberg is an evidence based clinical practitioner who approaches each patient in an individual manner by taking a detailed history, performing an examination, and relying on X-rays and/or MRI when necessary.  As each patient responds differently, each patient receives a different set of manipulative techniques and treatment recommendations.  Dr. Sinberg will make necessary referrals to medical specialists if a second opinion or additional diagnostic tests are required.  If it is determined that your condition exceeds the scope of chiropractic care, Dr. Sinberg will help coordinate the next steps. 



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